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Zourou, K. 2016 (Ed.). Social dynamics in Open Educational Practice. Special issue, ALSIC journal. Vol 1,

Research papers

  1. Kurek, M. (2016) Addressing cultural diversity in preparing teachers for openness: culturally sensitive appropriation of open content », Alsic Vol. 19, URL :

  2. Kurek, M., Skowron, A. (2015) Going Open? – teachers’ perspective on openness in education. In A. Turula, M. Chojnacka (Eds.) CALL for bridges between school and academia. Bern: Peter Lang. 11-31.

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  10. Zourou, K. 2017, to appear. Identity and engagement in networked Open Educational Practice. In Baldauf-Quilliatre, H., Develotte, C., Ollagnier-Beldame, M. (Eds). Special issue Identity construction in social media, ALSIC, vol.20.

  11. Zourou, K. 2016. Social networking affordances for open educational language practice. In K. Zourou (Ed.) Special issue Social Dynamics in Open Educational Language Practice.  ALSIC. Online


In this page you will find research-based resources related to OER/OEP and less used languages. More resources will be added through the life of the project.

LangOER: OER and languages is a group in Education on Mendeley

OER and languages Group on Diigo cannot be found.

LangOER (2014 – 2016) is a European network focused on enhancing the linguistic and cultural components of OER (open educational resources) by offering OER in less used languages and by enhancing sustainability through OER reuse.


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