Social dynamics in Open Educational Practice

  Full name:  Social dynamics in open educational language practice
  Year:  2016
  Type:  Paper
  Format:  PDF/Web



What kind of social dynamics emerge in open educational practices (OEP) involving the learning of languages? What roles can OEP play in language learning contexts in which individual and collaborative learner trajectories move across learning practices?

This collection of papers approaches these questions by offering theoretical insights and empirical evidence to the field of Open Education and Open Educational Resources (OER). The originality of the collection lies in its emphasis on the social dynamics that arise in open learning practice. Although open education advocates "give the battle" for openness (Weller, 2014), very little research is being conducted on the way social dynamics promote open practices, especially in the area of language education and multilingualism.

In this group of papers, we aim to fill this gap in research and discuss implications for practices by exploring the role played by social dynamics, consequences, and conditions for open learning expansion, by identifying challenges for researchers, teachers and learners, and in particular by critically examining language practices afforded to groups in open educational language practices.


LangOER (2014 – 2016) is a European network focused on enhancing the linguistic and cultural components of OER (open educational resources) by offering OER in less used languages and by enhancing sustainability through OER reuse.


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